Why You Need the Right Hairdressing Scissors

If you’re struggling with your existing hairdressing scissors, then perhaps you’re not using the right ones. Here’s why you need to use the right ones.

1. If you know what sort of hair you’re cutting, or what styles you’re creating, then you can make sure that you have the right scissors. If you’re using the wrong scissors, then it’s not surprising that you’re not getting the results you expected.

2. Hairdressing scissors are available in different lengths of blade, so you might currently be using scissors that are too long for too short for your needs. Why not see if you can try a different length, and see if that makes a difference?

3. If you’re hairdressers scissors aren’t of salon quality, then they might not be up to the job of life in a hairdressing salon. You might find that they need oiling more often, or are going rusty, or just aren’t sharp enough.

4. Durability is essential for hairdressing scissors. You won’t want to keep having to replace them if they break. You’ll need to know that they’re ready for action when you are.

5. Your thinning scissors are likely to be used often, perhaps more than you’d think, so it’s not wise to economise on them. You’ll need to make sure that they are comfortable and durable, whilst offering the sort of performance you need.

6. The comfort of your hairdressing scissors is fundamentally important. You won’t want to use scissors that hurt you. You might not be able to cut hair effectively or efficiently, if your scissors hurt your hand.

7. Having a finger rest to reduce arm strain will help your scissors be more comfortable. If you’re cutting hair all day, you’ll need all the help you an get to reduce the strain on your arm, neck, shoulders, and back.

8. If you’re noit used to buying hairdressing scissors, then you might be confused by the number of different brands available. You’ll need to be able to determine which scissors offer value for money, and which are too expensive. The more expensive brands might be worth it in the long run.

9. Subtle differences between hairdressers scissors might be small, but might make a big difference when you’re actually cutting hair. You’ll want to know about the blade shape or length, the handle or whether they are offset.

10. No mater hwat sort of hairdressing scissors you use, or need, you’ll expect value for money. What might seem and expensive initial outlay, can pay for itself in a few days if you’re scissors are much more comfortable, or cut better. The cheapest scissors won’t always be the most cost effective in the long run.

Now you know more about why you need the right ones, are you using the right hairdressing scissors?

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