What Do Guys Admire in a Girl? Here is What You Must Know If You Ever Want to Be Admired by Men

Face the fact that there are a lot of women out there. And if you’re all vying to get the attention of one good-looking man, then you’ve got to be a notch higher than your competitors. Here’s how to outmaneuver your unworthy opponent:

A pretty face is still preferred

Men will always have a keen eye for beauty – physical beauty. And though most of them would say they are looking for inner beauty, their nature says otherwise. Men are visual creatures and they will always have the urge to look at things (or persons) that exude beauty.

Confidence is one of the most admirable traits

Shyness will never get you anywhere. If you want to snag the best guy, then better be prepared to show some self-assuredness. Being confident means you flaunt your strengths and assets.

A true kitchen diva

No woman should excuse herself from cooking, especially not the ones who are aiming to be in a meaningful relationship. Men fall for women who can cook some nice meals for them. If you are great at cooking, then you have a great headstart from those who aren’t.

Emotionally intelligent

Too often, it is said that intelligence is one of the traits that men look for. This is half true. What should be said is that men look for women who can carry themselves in a manner that exudes intelligence. And more than bookish people, the ones that catch guys’ attention are those who have a strong control of their emotion and who are sure of themselves that no amount of obstacle can put them down.


A woman that’s innately good is sure to catch any man’s attention. She is the one who is genuinely kind and who has a heart for all kinds of people. She’s the one who sees the blessings amidst the trials.


Guys drool for an independent woman. Although they sometimes want to feel that they’re rescuing you like an a damsel in distress, men often prefer ladies who are able to take care of themselves. Men would also line up for you and would constantly feel your mystery if you are available at times and unavailable during some days.

Adaptability will make you a bankable commodity

If you know how to like his interests and activities, then he’d really love you for it. Guys totally dig women who are flexible enough to hold some dirt or who can run miles with them. They like the type who’s, although feminine, able to trek and swim and roll in the mud.

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