Money Making Ideas – How to Make Money With YouTube

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that video is hot! People love to relax or learn from a video. If you produce a video about a topic, you’ll probably get many more views than if you wrote an article about it.

So, why not use this to your advantage and make some money from videos? There are many ways to do so.

Promote Affiliate Products

One of the ways in which you can make money with YouTube, is to find an affiliate product to promote, and then do it through videos.

You can either take one of the products you already use and like, and check to see if the company behind it offers an affiliate program. Or you can go to an affiliate portal like ClickBank, and search their market place for one that fits the bill.

When you’ve found a good product, you can make a small video, showing yourself actually purchasing it. People are not very likely to buy something that you wouldn’t dream about buying yourself. Therefore, by showing proof of your action, you make them more likely to follow in your foot steps.

You could also do a video of the results you’ve obtained from this particular product. Is it about making gold in World of Warcraft? Then show your acquired wealth in a video. Is it about having a nice skin without acne? Then let’s see your pretty face.

How to Link to the Affiliate Product

When you submit the video to YouTube, you should make the first word in the description your affiliate link.

Use a link-shortener like to shorten the link. This style of link looks much better than a long link with strange characters in it like or something similar. After this link, you should write a short and appealing description of your video, or the product itself.

The ideal solution is to also put the link inside the video as a watermark. That way, even if people embed your video on another site, your affiliate link will still be shown to the public.

Make Video Comments

You can use your videos as stand-alone videos, or you can use them as video comments to other popular videos about your topic.

This could also be done with no other means than a simple webcam. Just sit there, and voice your comments regarding the original video. Then add your affiliate link to the description of your comment. In this way you can, in fact, piggyback on other people’s success, and receive your share of their views.

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