Learn the Art of Seduction in Quick Easy Steps! Seduce Any Man!

Are you too fat? Are you too thin? Not pretty enough? How many times do we ask ourselves this! We tend to make the mistake that all we need to do in order to entice any man is to have big breasts, a slender body and a super cute face! You are so wrong!

Of course if you are stunning this will undoubtedly help you but I can tell you that objective beauty has little to do with seduction success.

Seduction comes from the ability to be strong yet feminine, from acting like someone who is unique, precious, really above average without being arrogant. At the same time, you must act as if your life is complete already, together, perfect, that you are having fun and that your life is full of excitement. This does not mean being nor acting like a slut. Not at all. In fact, the less you worry about guys the more seductive you will be.

Of course, if you find someone you truly fancy you may want to send signals that he, above all the other men, is really special and that you are going to grace him with some attention.

Look at him seductively and do not act shy. The 40s are over. Smile at him, make him feel very comfortable about approaching him. When he looks at you stroke your hair and neck, show him that you are comfortable in your own skin (that you find yourself attractive!) and that any man would be privileged to talk to you.

Do not change who you are. If you have great legs show them, if you don’t but you have a great smile, then smile! Play your strengths and absolutely do not worry about your weaknesses. Men will find a part of you irresistible – inside and outside – just show him with confidence.

Never act like ‘easy’ (=sleep around) because he’ll just categorize you as such and he’ll only use you. So, don’t sleep around to make him jealous. You can be friendly to others but leave it at that.

When you go out with him on a date, make him feel as if he’s the most interesting guy on the planet. Don’t act like a fan but listen to him and tell him that he’s special. He’ll want to hear this over and over. As you tell him that he’s special, he’ll start believing it and then he’ll think you are special for thinking that!

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