How to Make Men Wonder? 7 Keys Which Will Make Him Think a Lot About You All of a Sudden

Have you ever wondered how some women have an enticing effect on men and these men seem to wonder about these women all the time? If you want to have such a hypnotic effect on men then read on and find out how to make men wonder.

Be very appealing to a man – that’s the first stimulation that they need
To make a man wonder about you, you have to first appeal to his visual senses. When a man sees something that he likes its only then he is able to generate an interest. SO make sure that you are well turned out and look attractive for him.

Having an air of confidence attracts men to you
Having a pretty face is good by not good enough. Men are drawn to and wonder only about those women who are confident about themselves. Don’t have the air of arrogance but surround yourself with confidence and vulnerability at the same time and he will wonder about you.

Play on his intrigue when you want to make a man wonder
You have to make a man feel intrigued by you when you want to make him wonder about you. You can do this by being a little mysterious and evasive. The more he digs the lesser he should find.

This is not the time to write your memoires
While you have to open up a little to the guy you are with else he will think that you are not interested, you don’t need to tell him stuff that you would put in your memoires. You need to let him feel a little left out so that he yearns to know more.

Be straightforward and communicate clearly but be intelligent
Men often wonder why women are clueless about communication. Change the way he thinks by exercising your intelligence, wit and humor and communicate with him clearly and in a straightforward manner. Call a spade a spade and he will be left wondering if you actually meant what you said or not.

Be very willing to give him his space
Men are all about space and women steal that from them. If you want to make a man wonder, be all about giving space and needing some. He knows he wants space but will wonder why you are so willing to give it.

Mixing things up at times works wonders
Talk about new things, plan new activities and don’t let a moment spent with you be boring or dull. Be unpredictable and let him keep wondering about what your next move is going to be.

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