Herbs For Breast Enlargement – Do They Exist?

There are quite a few herbs for breast enlargement that are readily available. They mimic a chemical response that naturally occurs in a woman’s body for breast growth. The phytoestrogens present in these natural herbs will help increase estrogen levels naturally in the body, with no side-effects. It is also possible to get prescription estrogen therapy hormones, but unfortunately weight gain is often a side effect of such therapy and should only be used if natural methods fail.

Some common herbs for bigger breasts include:

Fennel is a powerful phytoestrogen, that is known to significantly increase levels of estrogen, particularly in women who have lower than normal levels to begin with. It also helps lower blood pressure, reduces asthma symptoms and is an excellent libido enhancement herb that is just as powerful as prescription aphrodesiac drugs like Provestra.

Another powerful mastogenic (breast larger) herb. Fenugreek is used by many cultures to reduce the side-effects of menopause in aging women. Many cereals and breads contain high levels of Fenugreek as it takes exactly like maple syrup and is a much cheaper alternative to the real thing. This herb contains high levels of phytoestrogens and not only increases breast size; but also reduces cholesterol, diabetes symptoms, while also increasing your body’s ability to heal wounds and fight infection.

Saw Palmetto
Like all herbs for breast enlargement, Saw Palmetto contains high levels of phytoestrogens and just like the Fennel mentioned above: It’s an incredible natural aphrodesiac. While commonly used as a natural prostate reduction herb in men — Saw Palmetto is a traditional mastogenic herb, used for breast enlargement and for increasing breast milk production in nursing moms. We can all thank Native Americans for this wonderful berry derivative, as they used it for centuries to stay healthy.

Natural is Best
Along with mastogenic herbs for breast enlargement, soy products also contain high levels of phytoestrogens and are commonly found in herbal breast enlargement solutions commonly available online, and in health food stores.

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