Dating Help – Did You Lay Your Foundation Properly?

Dating help from within starts with looking at previous relationships, do you really know what you found attractive? In most cases looks play a large role in our choices. If you were to be honest, was there an experience, sport or a hobby they enjoyed and you found interesting?

Attraction needs to be more than skin deep. I have personally met extremely beautiful women on several occasions with the perfect body and could not wait to get to know them better. Yet once I approached them and began chatting them up, there was a vacuum in their personality…it was almost like someone erased the rest of their personality. Has that ever happened to you? It blew my mind that I walked away thinking to myself that I could not imagine one date with them. Do not want someone to think this of you?

Sharri my wife experienced this one day at the tennis court when she was younger. She saw this guy playing on the court next to her and her friend, she described him as a muscle bound dream boat and had to meet him. She accidentally hit the tennis ball over to his court and bounced over to chat him up with high expectations of a future date. Yet once he opened his mouth it was like a repellent, she thanked him for retrieving the ball for her and made no further contact with him. If you could fall in either one of these categories start now to improve your personality and be more than just another pretty face!

Dating Help Starts With Writing Down The Following on a Piece of Paper:

– What do you do for a living?
– What was the last book you read?
– What was your most embarrassing moment?
– What physical activity do you enjoy regularly (tennis, golf, working out, etc.)
– What is your favorite singer, do you have their music and why?
– What type of movie do you like and why?
– Where do you want to go on vacation next and why?

Now have one of your friends help you answer the questions. Be sure to take the time to make the answers interesting. Let look at an example….

What do you do for a living? “Well I work on a road crew, putting in roads and highways. My occupation is very rewarding, because I can always look back and see what my effort has created. It is a testament of my attention to detail and quality, while maintaining a safe environment around my area. With over 300 fatalities annually in my occupation that is nothing to sneeze at or you want to overlook. My crew prides itself on our safety record and it produces some really great friendships out of fellow workers. So what do you do?”

Just be careful to keep it interesting and not to talk for an excessive length of time. Do not be a blow heart!

WARNING: Finding new exciting activities and interesting, fulfilling hobbies that you enjoy… might mean you are going to have to schedule time weekly to pursue it.

Become an island temporarily and learn what you like and dislike. In other words become a leader and not a follower. I know you would rather make your life an adventure, yes? I find it amazing the words the great Greek Philosopher Socrates said, “Know Thyself!” It is time to try activities that look fun and impressive, to see if you want to claim them as your own. Follow these recommendations and We know you will rock in appearing more attractive to the opposite sex the next time in conversation with someone new, from this dating help!

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