7 Things Men Find Sexy About You – How to Be Seductive and Irresistible to Men

When we talk about sex appeal, we all have our opinions – what’s sexy for you may not be something sexy for me and what’s not beautiful with you may be the most beautiful thing in the world for me. Of course, it’s all a subjective thing. But let’s talk about men. What are the things that they find sexy? Men can be tricky beings but they do hold certain standards and preferences when it comes to the woman of their dreams. So what happens when you want to get a man attracted and totally find you sexy and irresistible? Here are the top seven things men find sexy about you – learn how to be seductive and absolutely irresistible to men now!

  • When you slowly lick and bite your lips. When you’re talking to a guy, in a subtle way, try to slowly lick and bite you lips. Don’t make it too obvious or he’d think you’re losing your mind. Just make it look natural. It’s one way of making him see that you find him absolutely irresistible as well.
  • When you show a bit of skin. It won’t hurt to get a little adventurous with the way you dress. You know you look good in that black little dress – you just need a bit more of confidence to work it. No need to get all self-conscious – it can be annoying and irritating too you know. Put it on and carry yourself well.
  • When you genuinely smile and laugh about his jokes. Most of the prettier girls out there act like snobs and brats especially when they’re getting too much attention. Guys get tired and totally turned off with that kind of attitude. Act otherwise. Be genuinely interested and you’ll be earning more admirers in no time.
  • When you don’t look too conscious. Confidence is always the key to successfully get a man to notice you. Being a confident woman who knows how to take control instantly becomes sexier and instantly beautiful in his eyes. So stop fixing your hair and blouse so much. Relax and enjoy his company.
  • When you look curious and intrigued. Ask him questions. Guys find it cute when you look curious and intrigued. It’s like you’re willing to learn lots of things. Take note however, that being curious and intrigued is different from being a nag. So know the difference.
  • When you reach over and touch him without meaning too. Intimacy is a very important part when it comes to building sexual tension. Touch him briefly but constantly and he will be the one getting all intimate with you in no time. Make it look natural and effortless and he’ll be turned on to you in an instant.
  • When you express yourself, have fun and flirt every once in a while. Make him see that you have brains to go with that pretty face. Intelligence can be sexy too, you know. And men will definitely flirt back with you no time. Have fun and nothing else with go wrong. Enjoy the attention, girl!

Being sexy is actually a state of mind, girl. There’s no need to get all that drastic plastic surgery and crash diets to be sexy. The first thing you need to do is actually think that you are one beautiful amazing girl. Everything else will follow. Believe me.

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